Red, Red Wine

Dammit, some of the mealies that I planted late have got stalk borer. Apparently I should have harvested all my mealies by now since these little buggers tend to be more active at this time of year and more inclined to bore their way up your mealie stalks. These caterpillars bore into the centre of the stalk and work their way up to the lovely, juicy growing tip. They decimate that and the plant collapses. They also bore into the cob and leave behind a horrible, mushy mess.  So, not a lot of potatoes and not a lot of mealies.


We did, however get quite a good crop of green beans. So much so that I made curried beans with the surplus. Never having bottled anything before, I was quite chuffed with the result. It’s really good on a cheese sarmie, as well as mixed with baked beans to make a bean salad.


It’s a mission to top, tail and cut 1 kg of beans into 2.5 cm pieces so I enlisted the help of a friend who was visiting one weekend. To keep her going, I plied her with wine and we landed up with beans of varying lengths, which added a rustic charm I thought. It was also quite a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Find the recipe for Curried Beans at

Talking of wine, I have found an excellent excuse for drinking (not that I need one, some might say) and a low cost means of edging the raised beds in the allotment.


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2 Responses to Red, Red Wine

  1. Lex says:

    Jeez Cath you generate quite a few empties out in the country. Must be the fresh air.

  2. Mark Muggeridge says:

    Nice work Cathy, as the seasons pass I’m sure you will become more able to outsmart the pesky bugs! I like the idea of your curried beanz on a cheeze sarnie!

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