A River Flows In You


Just some photos today of my new neighbour, who has taken up residence in the garage.

In Zulu mythology, God sent the chameleon (uNwaba) to announce to men that they would never die. The chameleon went on his mission, but he walked so slowly and stopped along the way to eat. Some time after the chameleon had left, a lizard went to announce to men that they would die. Being much quicker than the chameleon, the lizard arrived first, thus establishing the mortal nature of man. As a consequence of this myth, both chameleons and lizards are often considered bad omens in Zulu cultures.

I also find these caterpillars’ feet fascinating!

Isn’t nature wonderful?

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One Response to A River Flows In You

  1. Adam Rice says:

    Try giving your chameleon a grasshopper (or similar). When I was young and lived in Zimbabwe we would hold a grasshopper by the back of the folded wings and offer it around 15 cm from the chameleon. They would often take the grasshopper from your fingers.

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