Mercedes Benz


The other morning, when Peter was away on business, I woke at sparrow’s fart and could not get back to sleep. I decided to go for a walk with my camera and, of course, Layla who never lets me out of her sight (Milo was out for the count and didn’t stir as we crept out of the house). I don’t know what I was hoping to see but as we walked up the driveway towards the koppie the most glorious sunrise blazoned across the sky. I have to confess that I am seldom awake to witness this spectacle and had absolutely no idea how to shoot it, so the pictures I took do not do it any justice. Our house faces west and most of the time I’m content to sip my sundowner and watch (and photograph) the sunsets over the ‘Berg, however this sunrise was particularly beautiful and took me completely by surprise. Later in the day I was chatting to someone who lives in Pietermaritzburg and I mentioned that I had been up since the crack of dawn. He asked if I had seen the magnificent sunrise, apparently his house faces east and he has a view of the sun rising over Pietermaritzburg’s Table Mountain. This daybreak, he assured me, had indeed been unusually spectacular.


such fun stalking rabbits

such fun stalking rabbits

another "where's Wally moment

another “where’s Wally” moment


there’s beauty even in weeds

thistle flower

thistle flower

The early bird from Pmb was in fact delivering our new car, which is no doubt why I was unable to sleep. Peter and I both know nothing (Spanish accent please!) about cars. Our Peugeot station wagon, which was fine as a family car in Durban, was totally unable to cut the mustard on our farm roads. It is one of the lowest vehicles known to man and we developed an intimate knowledge of every rut and rock on the dirt road between our property and Nottingham Road. Last year, when we were snowed in for 5 days without running water and electricity we agreed that we needed a vehicle that could get us out of here come hell or high water. So the hunt was on; car magazines were purchased, friends and Top Gear were consulted, vehicles were test driven, we learned about turbo this and torque that, and eventually we decided on the Subaru Forester. Our son was horrified (the gear box Mom is shit, fuel economy is rubbish, it’s very uncomfortable, and it looks crap and so on). Had we made a very expensive mistake? Oy vey, I was a nervous wreck. And then the car arrived; I bid the Peugeot a sad but relieved farewell and I haven’t looked back since. The new car skims over the dirt road and for the first time in my life I feel absolutely enthralled with a vehicle. So, this winter bring it on is all I can say, we are ready for you.

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3 Responses to Mercedes Benz

  1. James says:

    They say there is no such thing as an unhappy Subaru owner.
    A colleague bought the Outback last year and he’s as happy as Larry.

  2. Cathy says:

    That’s good to know. Does Larry also own a Subaru?!

    • James says:

      I was going to comment “His mother call him (my colleague) Warren so it leads to some confusion.” I figured that it would detract from the timbre of your blog.

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