Growin’ In The Wind

When I relocated from Durban to the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in 2010 and became the full-time custodian of 9.5 hectares of land, one of my first projects was to create a large vegetable patch (the allotment, as my mum dubbed it). Whenever I returned to the city, the two most frequently asked questions directed at me were: was I was safe living in the country on my own and what vegetables were in season? My answer to the first one was that quite honestly I felt safer here than I ever did in town (I still do, despite the recent spate of burglaries) and as far as the veggies were concerned, I had no clue. I used to buy veg seedlings from the local nurseries, plant them and hope for the best. It took a lot of trial and error before I started to learn what would grow here and when.

It’s not as easy as it is made out to be, this Grow it Yourself lark. You have to understand: your soil; the seasons and where the sun is in relation to your crops during those seasons; the cycles of the moon (if you are into lunar planting); what additional nutrients your plants need; when to sow what; when to plant what; and how to grow them in succession so that you have veggies all year round.

I began blogging a year after I had moved here and again people wanted to know what I had growing in the garden, particularly the allotment. And that is why I started doing a Growin’ in the Wind post every now and then.


In my last post I showed Njabulo preparing a bed and sowing some mustard seeds. Here he is finishing off the bed.



Asparagus truly encapsulates “the force that through the green fuse …”


broad beans

broad beans


the first of our artichokes

the first of our artichokes



granadilla flowers make me want to say "far out man!"

granadilla flowers always make me want to say “far out man!”


tea bush shrub

tea bush shrub




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One Response to Growin’ In The Wind

  1. michele harpur says:

    Yo – asparagus looks good – and adventurous. Well done!!

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