I’ll Make It up As I Go


Yikes, what is happening to me? I bought a Michael Bublé CD. Not that I have anything against him, I just never imagined that I would want to own his music (let alone admit to it). I had to take our car into ‘Maritzburg for its first service and the Subaru dealership offered me a courtesy car for the day. Jolly kind of them, I thought. So I went shopping and in amongst all the things I needed to buy for Kiera and James’ wedding reception, I found Michael Bublé’s CD “to be loved”. I must have been in a romantic mood, thinking about nuptials and such stuff. Anyhow, in the late afternoon as I drove home on the N3 shagged out after a long squawk in Sleepy Hollow, the sky turned ominously black and the heavens opened. It was pelting down so hard that I could not see a bloody thing in front of me. Fortunately I was not far from Howick so I decided to exit the freeway (too many suicidal truck drivers on the road for my liking) and take the back road home. As I headed out of Howick towards Curry’s Post the rain stopped, the mist started rising from the tar, a sunset broke through the clouds over the ‘Berg on my left while lightening seared through the sky over the Karkloof on my right. I screeched to a halt, rummaged around in the boot and found Michael. I put him on full blast and sang along at the top of my voice as I bumped off the tar and onto the dirt, homeward bound. I was grinning from ear to ear when I finally pulled up in front of our house. The car, which left ‘Maritzburg squeaky clean, was covered in mud. Oh well, nothing lasts.

You make me feel so young
You make me feel like spring has sprung
Every time I see you grin
I’m such a happy individual

Alex’s leaving home to go to university is what precipitated my leaving home and moving to the farm. I spent a lot of “quality time” with him during his last year at school. At the beginning of that year, when he got his learner driver’s licence, he used to rush home from school to go driving. When I wasn’t in the mood for a bit of afternoon hair-raising adventure, he used to bribe me to go with him by promising to stop en route for cappuccinos and we got to spend a lot of time chewing the cud during those tête-à-têtes. When he was studying for, and writing his final exams, I made a point of being there for him. I hardly visited the farm at all that year so that I could be around to support Alex. To say I was devastated when he flew the nest would be an understatement. I had taken it pretty badly when Kiera left home to go to work in China, two years previously. Now, with both of them gone I was completely discombobulated.

It’s true to say, on refection, that out of those dark days when I felt that I had lost my raison d’être, I found myself living the life that I hadn’t realised I wanted to live! So thanks kids for leaving home, it was just the kick up the arse that I needed to get me focused on what was important to me. And here we have it. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, especially when I’m in the garden in the evening, as the sun sets behind the Giant and the water fowl fly low overhead to our neighbour’s dam.

great excitement to see a hoopoe on our front lawn

great excitement to see a hoopoe on our front lawn

nothing makes me smile more than watching my dogs having fun

nothing makes me smile more than watching my dogs having fun

the floozies

the floozies

There we have it – the birds, the dogs and four bloody chickens. Who would have thought?

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2 Responses to I’ll Make It up As I Go

  1. Chris Ammann says:

    Cathy, at least admitting to liking Michael Bublé is an acknowledgement of the problem and if you are your lucky the local community will rally round with kindness, support and Captain Beefheart albums. This can be beaten but it takes courage and will-power.

  2. Cathy says:

    Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest and thanks for providing a little ray of hope, Chris. The recently acquired record player is playing a major role in the recovery process. For the time being, I have replaced CD’s with records made before he was born and I’ve had no withdrawals so far. Unfortunately the local community has rallied around Bublé so I have to go it alone.

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