I’m Sticking With You part 2 cont.

I forgot to include in the previous post these photos of the cutting of the cake.

The delicious wedding cake was made by a local woman, Sharyn Breval. The layers of the small round sponge cake were iced with homemade lemon curd and butter cream and it was topped with a hydrangea flower from the garden. The red velvet cup cakes with cream cheese icing were decorated with the most beautiful little blue hydrangea flowers made by Sharyn – the red, white and blue being a nod to the American connection. All very yummy.


 Also in reference to the South African / American union, one of the champagnes we toasted the married couple with was Graham Beck’s NV Brut. We discovered it when we went bubbly tasting in Franschhoek with Kiera and James on their last visit to S.A. We loved the story that Nelson Mandela toasted his inauguration with it in 1994 and Barack Obama ordered it for his toast the night he became president of the USA.

Franschhoek, July 2011

Franschhoek, July 2011

What I also forgot to add in the previous post was how much everyone contributed to making the day a very special one. Jody and Maggie (James’ mum and sister) decorated the tables, Susannah (James’ aunt) made the exquisite corsages, Louise (Kiera’s BFF) arranged the flowers, Claire Glancey travelled up from Durban to do Kiera’s hair, Mike (James’ uncle) officiated over the proceedings with aplomb and Njabulo kept everyone’s glasses full.

Susannah had a couple of days to make these corsages using Edna's scrap material and button box

Susannah had a couple of days to make these unique corsages using scrap material and Edna’s button box

I would also like to mention Alex’s contribution. Weeks before the wedding I asked him to make a wedding mix. Every time we heard a song that I thought would be appropriate, I asked him to put it in the mix. However, when on the eve of the wedding still nothing seemed to be happening on the music front, I gave up. In true Alex style, on the morning of the wedding he got his arse into gear and produced a mix in the nick of time. During the course of the day I didn’t really pay attention to the music playing in the background, I was just relieved that it was there. A few weeks after the wedding, I sat down to listen to the wedding mix CDs and was gobsmacked. He had included favourites of Kiera’s when she was growing up, sweet love songs, songs that brought family memories flooding back and songs that I had forgotten that I had requested. I was completely overwhelmed that he had given it so much thought and created the most sublime wedding mix. I really ought to have more faith in the lad!

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