What a Wonderful World

It felt like late summer rather than autumn when we visited Cape Town recently. We left the farm on a cold, grey morning and arrived in the Mother City to blue skies and sunshine, which lasted the whole week that we were there. We stayed for part of the time in a timeshare resort in Bloubergstrand and Alex joined us there for three nights. In all the years that I’ve been visiting Cape Town I have never had cause to venture into the northern suburbs. It didn’t feel like Cape Town at all, more like one vast housing estate after another on a beautiful beach in the middle of nowhere, except that Table Mountain, in all its photographic glory, is ever present in the background.

When I lived in Durban and saw the sea everyday from my bedroom window, I grew immune to the beauty of the ocean. Now that I am landlocked, I love the beach again; the feel of the sand between my toes, the sound of the incessant rolling in and out of waves and the salty smell of the sea air. And staying on the beach meant we could eat delicious fresh fish and seafood to our hearts’ content, which is more than I can say about Durban.

It was lovely to spend time with my boy, just relaxing and taking it easy. It also did me the world of good to catch up with old friends, and I have to say, quite categorically, that I do love Cape Town.

CIMG0576_edited-1 CIMG0577_edited-1 CIMG0581_edited-1


The beautiful Lion’s Head


a typical Saturday afternoon in our household


nice spot for lunch


and back home


walkies with Judy

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