What a Wonderful World

Jack Frost paid us another visit this Sunday morning and left in his wake frozen water in the pipes. Knowing that I would have to wait awhile before I could get washed and dressed, I made a cup of tea and climbed back into bed.

Yesterday was a glorious day. We had breakfast outdoors and lunch on the veranda. I even coaxed my mother outside for tea on her patio until it got too hot to sit in the sun. It is the first time since I returned from my trip to America that I have felt warm. However when we took the dogs for their walkies at 5pm the weather had turned bitterly cold. Fortunately we had filled the kettle before going to bed so there was enough water for tea and coffee when we woke.

As I lay in bed watching the feeding frenzy at the bird feeder, a bushbuck stepped nonchalantly out of the flower bed, munching on some agapanthus leaves, and onto the front lawn. I shot out of bed, grabbed my point-and-shoot and crept up to the bedroom window. It carried on walking towards me even though it seemed to be looking straight at me and stopped about 3 meters away, next to my pot of lavender. I have never been this close to buck on our property before and it was quite mesmerising staring into its huge black eyes. Slowly it turned away from me and walked the length of our garden before it stepped daintily down the garden steps and disappeared.





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One Response to What a Wonderful World

  1. Bill Leazer says:

    Good thing when you’re “johnny on the spot” that you have your camera handy for such endearing shots as these. Thanks for sharing!

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