Who Knows Where the Time Goes


“What happened to 2014, where has this year gone?” is the refrain I hear on everyone’s lips, including my own. The other day I mentioned to Peter that it felt like I had spent the first part of the year coming back down to earth after Kiera and James’ wedding reception and the American in-laws’ visit to S.A. at the end of last year and the second half of this year doing pretty much the same after my mid-year 5 week trip to the States. His comment was, “So you’ve spent most of the year on life support!” And that is exactly how it has felt. It is so difficult to readjust to the quiet life when one experiences such incredible highs. “It’s a bummer” as we used to say!

Well, Christmas has come and gone, as has my son Alex – it was lovely having him home but his visit was over way too soon. I really have become quite ambivalent about celebrating Christmas. Not being a Christian and having been raised by non-religious parents, Christmas for me has always been about presents, food and spending time with family and friends. A couple of years ago we stopped bothering with presents. Then, when Kiera left for China, we reduced the amount of food and time spent preparing it, as she had always been my main helper in the kitchen. And this year there were only four of us sitting down together for Christmas lunch. Not that I’m complaining but I think that, in future, I would like to do something a little bit different for Christmas, perhaps close up shop, travel to an exotic destination and skip it altogether.

I’m hoping for a more focused 2015 – less procrastination and greater sense of fulfilling my potential (whatever that may be). I hope the New Year brings you closer to your dreams and that we all continue to discover happiness in the simple things.



dreaming of a tropical island

relaxing after Christmas lunch 


broad beans - delicious in mashed potato

broad beans – delicious in mashed potato

onion flowers  - delicious in salads

onion flowers – delicious in salads





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2 Responses to Who Knows Where the Time Goes

  1. Adam Rice says:

    All the very best to you & Peter and your Mum for a fine 2015. I think the accelerated passing of years is a function of age, the antidote is to pack as much into the year as possible so putting many markers between the recurring dates like Christmas. A couple of years ago we went on a whim to Tunisia for Christmas and we loved the complete change in culture. We went on an excursion to a Roman amphitheatre and an important Islamic Mosque on Christmas day, it was lovely. The hotel laid on a feast for us but because it caters to lots of nationalities (mostly European) with many Christmas traditions it was quite different to what we ‘expect’ and was all the better for it.

    • Cathy says:

      And all the best to you and Jenny for a wonderful 2015. I think you are right about markers (my blog in some way does help me keep track) but I am more and more convinced that we need to “escape” Christmas and do something completely different.

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