Growin’ in the Wind – Spring 2015

So we’re in October now and still haven’t had any decent rain. Everything is terribly dry but fortunately our springs are still flowing so we haven’t had any water shortages, yet.

Despite no rain, we’ve got quite a lot of veggies coming on in the field and in the allotment. In the field there are potatoes (including heritage potatoes from Livingseeds), onions, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet melons and all kinds of squash.

In the allotment there are artichokes, asparagus, carrots, beetroot, Swiss chard, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, lettuce and cucumber. And this year I’m growing more herbs and salad stuff in pots in the courtyard – we’ve got mint, thyme, sage, parsley, celery, coriander, marjoram, chervil, sorrel, tomatoes and peppers.

Now that they are growing closer to the house, I’ve been using more herbs when I cook and also in salads. Tonight I’ve picked a bunch of sage and we’re going to have butternut ravioli (fresh from Woolies) with brown butter and sage sauce for dinner. This is such a simple but very yummy sauce:

  • Melt 100 g butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. Cook until melted then add a handful of sage leaves to the pan. Cook butter and sage leaves, swirling pan often, for 4-5 minutes or until sage leaves are crisp and butter has turned a deep nut-brown colour. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

I can’t believe the amount of strawberries that we are harvesting. I had already frozen a tray of strawberries that I picked last week when Kho brought in another batch, weighing nearly 3 kg. What to do with them all? So far I’ve made strawberry vinegar and ice-cream. And the rest I’ve frozen. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at making jam with the next batch.

best ever strawberry harvest

best ever strawberry harvest


spring veggies

spring veggies ( those are Livingseeds micro-greens in the bottom right corner – absolutely delicious in salads and stir fries)

spring flowers

spring flowers

spring herbs - clockwise from top left: coriander, thyme, sage and mint

spring herbs – clockwise from top left: coriander, thyme, sage and mint

spring chicken, aka Esmeralda

spring chicken, aka Esmeralda

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