USA Holiday December 2015

So far, winter in the northern hemisphere has been a doddle. We spent the first week of our holiday in Washington DC, which was having the warmest winter in years and now we are in Miami, which is hot and humid. Time is positively flying by; we’ve been in America for just over a week and already it’s starting to become a blur. So before it disappears completely, here are some snapshots of our trip so far.

You can’t visit DC without going to at least one museum. We went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (my second visit there) as well as the National Museum of the American Indian. My advice to anyone visiting the Natural History Museum is to take a guided tour. I learnt so much during my first visit but this time we were with Alex who likes to whizz through museums at an alarming rate. I found the American Indian Museum quite disappointing.

A highlight of the week in DC was a night at the theatre. Kiera and James took us to see Matilda the Musical at the Kennedy Centre. It was very entertaining – I especially liked the set design; it felt like one was stepping straight into a Quentin Blake illustration and Roald Dahl’s somewhat eccentric imagination.

Alex and I at Washington Harbour, with the Kennedy Centre in the background.

Alex and I at Washington Harbour, with the Kennedy Centre in the background.

After a week in Washington, we flew down to Miami. We are staying in a beautiful house belonging to friends of James’ parents, together with Kiera and James and Kiera’s school friend, Louise and her husband, Cameron, who earlier this year left SA for Canada.

Louise and Cameron braaing in Miami

Louise and Cameron braaing in Miami

As I’ve mentioned before, our American family are the most generous and hospitable people you could ever wish to know. They arranged a wonderful paella party for Kiera’s 30th birthday and we certainly banqueted in style.

paella party

paella party

We also visited Miami’s South Beach and I even had a dip in the ocean.








Little Havana, Miami

Little Havana, Miami








brunch in Coconut Grove

brunch in Coconut Grove


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One Response to USA Holiday December 2015

  1. Glynis Simpson says:

    Wow, it seems like yesterday that we were all celebrating Kiera’s 21st at Umngazi!

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