We spent the last weekend of our holiday cosily ensconced in Mike and Susannah’s beautiful old farmhouse in the Allegheny Valley in Virginia, where I spent the weekend of my 57th birthday two years ago. As I had hoped, it snowed, transforming the countryside into a picturesque winter scene. I tried to get some early morning shots but it was so cold (-15°C) that I only took a few pictures before heading pretty smartly back indoors, totally frozen.

This was a lovely, relaxing end to our holiday. Susannah is a wonderful cook and we ate and drank well, and had good quality time with our daughter and her husband. We only have two more sleeps before the long trip home and already I can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye.

Fortunately I have so many special memories to cherish and keep me buoyant when we do finally take our leave.

As Iman (David Bowie’s wife) pointed out:

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory







En route home we stopped to get some groceries. It was bitterly cold and I had borrowed a jacket that was too big for me and was wearing my LL Bean slippers. When I got out of the car Kiera couldn’t stop laughing – I must confess I did look a sight!

IMG_0931 (1)

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2 Responses to Memory

  1. Adam Rice says:

    Bag lady!!
    We are back in UK in a cold snap, -8 last night, but it will be short lived. Still boiling in Cape Town apparently, consistently 32 or more. It was a shock dropping 30 plus degrees! We had a good time catching up with Jenny’s family and friends, so sorry we missed you but we will be back….

    • Cathy says:

      Please to hear you had a good time, sorry we missed you too. We got out of DC just in the nick of time, one day later and our flight would have been cancelled.

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