What A Wonderful World

I have been most remiss not keeping up with my blog. Every day I stare at my computer screen and draw a blank. So, to try and break this writer’s block I am posting some pictures instead.

It’s not that I haven’t had the time to write. In fact, I’ve had more than enough time but I fear (and this is a genuine fear) that I am becoming rather LAZY. I can’t seem to account for my time, but very little of it is actually spent productively and there goes that little Protestant Work Ethic guilt trip again – if I’m not being productive, I’m simply wasting time.

Last Sunday we went to a friend’s birthday lunch party in Nottingham Road. It was most enjoyable and I really tried to make a concerted effort to stay off the wine. I had a couple of G&Ts with lunch but as the day wore on I succumbed to the copious amounts of wine available. Wine has a weird effect on me; I become quite extrovert and it wasn’t long before I was mobilising a dance initiative on the veranda. It’s not something I’m proud of, this transformative effect of wine. In fact, it’s downright worrying but I have to admit I do have a bloody good time while under its influence.

When I’m not prancing around on the dance floor, I can be found quietly enjoying clouds


DSC_0031_edited-1and birdsDSC_0061_edited-1




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