What a Wonderful World

Every evening I’ve been putting fruit & veg scraps, as well as whole corn, in the bush at the bottom of our garden in an attempt to lure the porcupines away from our allotment. We have really barricaded the veggies in so I’m not sure whether it’s the fortifications or the feeding that is working, but something is because our veggies haven’t been eaten in a while.

My son-in-law, James, gave me a game camera when I was in America and I’ve set it up in the bush overlooking the food scraps. Every morning I’m bursting with excitement to see what has been captured on the camera during the night, even though the pictures are a bit blurry. These are some of the pictures taken by the game camera.



family of four


C'mon kids, that's hors d'oeuvres, lets see what's for mains.

C’mon kids, that’s hors d’oeuvres, lets see what’s for the main course.

A genet also paid us a visit.

A genet also paid us a visit.


a small reedbuck

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One Response to What a Wonderful World

  1. Adam Rice says:

    These are the reasons you are privileged to live in such a beautiful patch of country. And you have proper country there not like our countryside that is half garden. On the subject of animals we have decided to buy a horse! He an Irish hunter called Max, pictures will follow. He will be on working livery at Heazle riding school, (they have a website) so he will be used partly as a school horse. That is good as they will look after him, it makes keeping him somewhat less expensive and he will get exercise even when we can’t get there.
    Your photos of snow are lovely, you get more snow than we do in Somerset!

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