Watching the Wheels

Ta-da! This is my 200th post  and as I was mulling over what to write on this momentous occasion, it struck me that I’ve really gone to seed since I started my blog, just over 5 years ago. There is no denying it; my early blogs record my spirited attempts to create a new life in the country. My last post was about how much I love my bed. Oh, how the wheel has turned!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it is a concern of mine (one of many, I’m afraid) just how quickly time flies as one gets older. Until I reached my 50’s, I measured change by my children’s growth – in my mind I stayed more-or-less the same. My children’s milestones were the significant events in my life – from birth, first smile and starting school to finishing school and leaving home. I was 52 when my youngest flew the nest and since then I no longer have the children as my yardstick when it comes to measuring the passing years; the focus has  shifted uncomfortably to me.

I’m startled when I look back at where I was when I started this blog. Recently I spent some time replacing pictures that I accidentally deleted from my blog in 2011 / 2012 and it was quite an eye-opener. I realised that jeez, I’m not getting any younger folks! And, if I’m brutally honest, I haven’t been looking after my body or my health as well as I should have. It seems more difficult to multitask as one gets older; I tend to focus my attention on one thing at a time. So, fearing Alzheimer’s, I’ve concentrated on encouraging mental acuity at the expense of my physical well being.

The importance of maintaining one’s physical stamina and health was brought home to me recently when I noticed that my mother’s eyesight had deteriorated. She is not one to complain about her health (immigrants in the UK, yes but physical discomfort, no). To cut a long story short I managed to get her to agree to see an ophthalmologist. During the consultation she just happened to mention that earlier this year she had a burst blood vessel in one eye. She never thought to tell anyone at the time and, as a result, now that the blood has dried and cannot be removed, she is virtually blind in that eye. The other eye has a cataract compromising her vision even more. She agreed to have the cataract removed only when I pointed out to her that if she were to go blind in a few years’ time she would not be able to continue living on the farm. Cruel but true. I learned a lesson from this – deal with health issues as they arise and look after your body, it is as important as your mind.

On a lighter note, I won the coveted camera club trophy this month with these silhouettes of the sculptures outside the Brahman Hills Hotel at Mount West.





The prunus nigra is flowering which always heralds the end of winter. There has been a hint of DSC_0001 spring in the air; we’ve had a little rain and some warmer weather. Hopefully there’s a lot more on the way.



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4 Responses to Watching the Wheels

  1. Alan Fogarty says:

    Wonderful Cathy, as always

  2. Sharyn says:

    HI Cath,
    Congrats on 200 blogs. What an achievement.
    I can totally relate to the body letting you down syndrome…having had to visit a few Drs and Specialists over these last years and should I hear another comment “common in people over 60” I think I might truly lose my cool. Just goes to show even those dearest of people who look after themselves and listen to their bodies….I don’t always….have age related problems. I rather think good genes play an enormous role.
    Comes down to how you want to live your life either listening to your body by lying in bed doing your most favourite things or live according to the medical pundits….Everyone is different and is entitled to live how they see fit.
    So keep Watching the Wheels

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Sharyn, I quite agree with you, each to his/her own. I believe in balance and when I feel “out of kilter” then I know that some adjustments should be made. Whether I make them is another issue!

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