What a Wonderful World

Life in the garden is good.

“wildlife” in my autumn garden

from top left, clockwise: halleria lucida, gazania, leonotis leonurus and aloe aristata

herbs in the courtyard

autumn leaves

tecoma capensis

leonotis leonurus with african clouded butterfly


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One Response to What a Wonderful World

  1. Bill Leazer says:

    Cathy, As always, you share the world with us through your wonderful photographic perception. Thank you so much. I can’t help but think that Keira and Alec will be somewhat homesick when they see these. Remember what a terrific photographer you are and do something with those pictures. I’m giving another power presentation in a couple of weeks to a garden club about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show from last year (by popular request). Maybe you should work up the same thing to present to garden clubs & botanical gardens when you come to the U.S. Your presentation of flowers from South Africa would be all the more authentic with your charming South African accent.

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