If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world:

Every child would share the joy that music can bring.

Music really is food for the soul. After receiving a donation of R10,000, the Curry’s Post Educational Trust (CPET) bought 10 djembe drums, 3 baby marimbas and some calabash shakers for the Curry’s Post Primary School. The guy who makes all these gorgeous instruments is Justice Hakata and he owns Afrocoustic Arts and Crafts in Pietermaritzburg. I am so delighted to have made his acquaintance and that of Katherine, the director of Music Voyage, a non-profit organisation which aims to develop positive values and invest in the self-worth of individuals through the provision of music education. I have to admit that without Katherine’s support I would have been a bit out of my depth with this project.

Recently Justice spent a morning at the school, not only teaching the children how to play the drums but playing games with the instruments and getting everyone involved. Even I got roped into playing the bass marimba and I have to admit I haven’t had so much fun in ages. It was amazing how the music experience just lifted the levels of joy in everyone. When we left the school, everyone was singing and laughing and I hope that they all felt as good about life as I did, in that moment.

I wonder if any of my PE friends who read this blog will remember an evening in my back room when we spontaneously created a rather derogatory song dedicated to the SAP of our country, using any implement that came to hand. Someone had a guitar (Darryl Evans perhaps) but the rest of us were improvising, tapping on cans and bottles. It created such elation and camaraderie and I think that was where my dream of being a rock chick began! Playing the marimba with 40 children all engaged in the process of making music brought back that memory and I thought “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our little Marimbees experience that same sense of fellowship as well as learn to make beautiful music?”

let’s dance

playing “pass the drum”

go Marimbees


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4 Responses to If I Ruled The World

  1. Paul Williams says:

    You have made them so happy! They’re a delight. We’ll done Cathy. Maybe they can make a special piece of music for South Africa’s next president – soon I hope.

  2. Louise says:

    How awesome! Love all the smiles. 😊 Those kids must absolutely love you Cathy. Xx

    • Cathy says:

      The laughter and smiles were very contagious. It took a while for me to feel that I wasn’t just an “umlungu” in their eyes but that barrier has been well and truly broken. Now the children are very friendly and affectionate and there is a wonderful sense of inclusivity.

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