Blood’s Thicker Than Water

Some of life’s most special moments are those that are completely unexpected. As I pushed my trolley into the arrivals lounge at Washington’s Dulles airport I scanned the waiting faces for Kiera and James who were fetching me (at 6:30 am, bless their cotton socks). I had been on the move for the better part of 26 hours and was a bit knackered to say the least; so when I spotted them I was mightily relieved. As I peered into the crowd I noticed that Kiera was chatting to the handsome young man next to her and that he looked vaguely familiar. Travel fatigue must’ve dulled my temporal lobe because it took a few seconds before I realised that it was our Alex she was talking to. He had flown up from Miami to surprise me. What excitement – needless to say I was suitably surprised.

It was really quite surreal; an unexpected weekend with both my kids. I arrived on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend and it is all a bit of a blur. After the grand tour of Kiera and James’ beautiful new home in Rockville, Maryland we all went out for brunch. I had delicious shrimp and grits and we all had delicious bottomless Mimosas. Kiera commented that it felt like the Thailand “gang” was back together. That evening we went out for Chinese food (something I really miss since we left Durban) and a stroll around Rockville Centre, enjoying the Memorial Day festivities which included a free concert by a really good bluegrass band. There’s nothing quite like a fiddle to get one’s toes tapping. It felt good to be back in the USA. I love our simple life on the farm but I also enjoy these forays into the hustle and bustle of America; and what a pleasure to be able to walk safely about the city centre at night.

The next day we headed into DC to visit the Botanic Gardens and happened upon the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally. Every Memorial Day weekend more than 900,000 motorcycle riders from all over the U.S. take to the streets in Washington to honour POWs and MIAs who served their country during the Vietnam War. It was very impressive. After getting soaked in a rather torrential downpour we decided it was time to head home, settle down on the sofa to watch movies and eat rhubarb and strawberry pie – my idea of heaven.

Alex left on Monday but we shall be seeing him again in Miami in a month’s time. In the meantime I’m spending time in Kiera and James’ lovely backyard oasis playing with my new touch screen laptop with all its bells and whistles. And yes, I did reorganise their pantry cupboard, it just had to be done!


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