Thank You

Since “silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone” (G B Stern), I’ve decided to use my blog to write a thank you letter to all of you who helped to make my recent trip to the States so amazing:

Kiera and James, I can’t believe you put up with me for 6 weeks with such equanimity. Not all credit can go to you though, your lovely house and garden contributed enormously to keeping the peace. As Alex observed, in a rare moment of spatial appreciation, your house has a very good flow which, I think, helped to prevent us from encroaching on each other’s space and getting on each other’s nerves. The flow of energy also extended outside to your very calming and restorative garden. Feng shui aside, I loved falling into a routine with you guys, especially settling in to watch our anticipated Netflix series every evening after dinner, as well as our weekend trips to the local garden centre and Home Depot. I feel extremely privileged and grateful to have had the opportunity to share your lives in your new home.

(P.S. I’ve been using my Home ‘Deepot’ titanium secateurs to prune all our fruit trees – it’s like cutting through butter.)

Alex, seeing you at Dulles airport when I arrived was an incredibly special moment for me. It was such a surprise that I had to keep pinching myself to realise that you really were there. We had so much fun that weekend, I just remember lots of laughter and silliness. And I was very grateful to see you again in Miami, handling your new life in a new city with such aplomb.

Peter, for holding the fort for the first 4 weeks I was away. I never had to worry about anything knowing that you were taking care of things back home. You even got my mother back on her feet and walking outside which is a great achievement.

Meg, it was such a pleasure to come home and find all was as we left it. We always have peace of mind when you are looking after Edna, Layla, Buddy and everything else in our absence.

Jim and Jody, your hospitality knows no bounds. We were spoilt rotten by you and our holiday in Miami was FABULOUS because of you. Miami’s gastronomic delights still linger in my mind! We look forward to being able to reciprocate sometime soon.

And the rest of our American family who came to all the way to Miami to see us when we were there, we really did appreciate it. Suzie, Mike and cousin Bill, we so enjoy your company and love being part of your family (Maggie, we missed you).

Joe and Leslie, we’ve never met but you have very kindly opened your gorgeous house to us every time that we have visited Miami. It feels like a home from home to us now and we have many precious memories of time spent there. Walking to and from Jim and Jody’s in the evening with Peter, Kiera, James and Alex is one of my most favourite simple pleasures. Sometimes the walk back is a bit unsteady but very pleasant nonetheless!

enjoying the pool in Joe and Leslie’s backyard

And finally, my Nottingham Road friends thank you for cheering me up on my return. It’s always a bit of an anti-climax coming home after these action-packed holidays and saying goodbye to the kids leaves me feeling incredibly flat. However, you lovely ladies lifted my spirits no end by organising a surprise 60th celebration for me. I was tricked into believing that I was going to play bridge at Café Bloom, instead I walked into a lunch party complete with flowers from Elza’s garden and a gorgeous birthday cake, one of Sharyn’s delicious chocolate creations. I was also given a very generous gift voucher for a local garden centre which, as you can imagine, got me back into thinking about my garden. I was completely overwhelmed and grateful to be back among friends.




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